Adoption Tips: A Simple Guide For LGBT Couples Looking To Adopt

You're looking to expand your family by adopting a child, which can be fulfilling and take you on a wonderful adventure.  But, adopting a child as an LGTB couple or married couple comes with its own set of anomalies that you both need to know about. The following guide should help you understand some of the special considerations that you may face.

Is The Agency LGBT Friendly?

You can find an agency that is friendly to LGBT families by simply listening to other LGBT couples. But it still might be difficult to find the right agency. The following are a few pointers that may help you find the right adoption agency that will make it easy for you to add that bundle of joy to your family:

  • Check the track record regarding matching LGBT couples to their adoptive children.
  • Ask how long it takes for them to find a child that matches the needs of the couple seeking to adopt.
  • Ask how the adoption agency presents the nature of your family to the parents who are seeking to put their children up for adoption (if necessary).
  • Find out if the agency has a support group for you and your spouse that is friendly to LGBT couples during this transitional stage in your lives.
  • Does the agency have an intercountry program? And, how will that work for your family's needs?

Remember that these questions are important, so don't be afraid to discuss them, as you are looking to hire the agency that will ultimately find your child for you.

Knowing When Legalities Matter

Disclosing that you are an LGBT couple is not a requirement, but it is advisable to help anticipate any issues that you may encounter, especially if the laws in your jurisdiction are unfavorable to you. The following are a few reasons you may want to disclose your LGBT status:

  • Are you adopting from a country that will not place a child under the care of an LGBT couple?
  • Jurisdiction with unfriendly laws.
  • You are not legally married.

There are other legal reasons for you to disclose your LGBT status, so it is advisable that you talk to a family law attorney as well as the agency that you end up choosing.  

In the end, do not feel like it is impossible for you to have an easy adoption process, as a good agency will help you join the 65,000--and growing--LGBT families who've found their children already. For more information, speak with professionals like Global Adoption Services Incorporated.