Getting Through The Holidays Once The Adoption Is Complete

International adoptions make up around 25% of all adoptions that occur, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. Unlike domestic adoptions, it can be very difficult to maintain an open adoption when the child now lives in another country. Fortunately, there is social media and internet available to help bridge the gap with the child and birth mother. When it comes to big moments in your life and your child's life, these times can be very difficult when you can't be a part of them. In order to help you get through these tough times, here are some tips to take note of. 

Start a Tradition

Just because your child is not around during the holidays, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy them. This is a great time to start a tradition that allows your child to be a part of your life no matter how far they are away. One way to do this is by hanging an ornament on the tree that is specifically for them. Each year, you can do this and fill up the tree to help you remember your special child. You could also choose to light a candle in honor of them to make the moment special. 

Send a Gift

Even though your child will be celebrating the holidays with their adopted parents, it doesn't mean they are not thinking about you. In hopes to show your love for them, you could send a gift. It doesn't have to be fancy. It could be homemade, including photos of you and other members of their birth family so they will still feel a part of you. 

Surround Yourself with Support

It can be tougher to get through the holidays when you don't have anyone. The best way to avoid the depression and sadness is to surround yourself with family and friends. While they may not all understand what you are going through, many of them will be sympathetic during this time. 

Volunteer Your Time

One of the best ways to overcome being sad it to give to others. When you cannot be with your child during the holidays, you can help conquer your depressed feelings by volunteering. Choose an organization that you are passionate about. Being able to help others is a great way to stay encouraged during the holiday season. 

Write Them a Letter

Even if you cannot talk to your child, you can still communicate with them. By sending them a letter, it allows you to get your feelings out. This is much better than bottling them up because you are not suppressing them. It will allow you to overcome the grief much easier if you are able to communicate in your own way. 

For more assistance or information, contact the international adoption center, like Hope's Promise.